PTC Executive 2020
Lou (Treasurer), Alan (Pres), Kim (Secretary), Sandy (Past Pres), Barbara (VP)--Absent
 Competitive tennis on the Saanich Peninsula
"Tennis players reach peak enjoyment when they win half the games and lose half the games."
               - Jubilation Procedures, Dr Jim Geiwitz
The challenge is meeting players who have similar enough skills to deliver that perfect game.
Our club offers the opportunity to test out new opponents at periodic Mixed Social Tennis events. These friendly games provide an open atmosphere for you to arrange future matches with those who best fit your skill level.
Our weekly tennis groups provide consistent exercise without the hassle of organizing individual games yourself. The large groups deliver variety to keep games interesting and to encourage that win/loose balance. Book off weeks to match your vacation schedule.  Includes Women's, Men's and Mixed doubles.
Club Skill Level
Skill level can be quite subjective. The simplest way to describe the club's general skill level is "competitive". Most 1st serves hit the fence before the second bounce. Ground strokes usually cross the net less than 6 feet off the ground and are hit with pace. 
The best way for you to find out if we are a good fit is to attend one of our Men's, Women's or Mixed Social events.  New members are always welcome. 
If you are not quite at the club's skill level, we encourage you to sign up for the many lessons offered at the Panorama Recreation Center and to practice in their weekly organized tennis on Thursday nights for men, or Wednesdays for women.
Club Age Level
Age doesn't matter, young and old we have it all. Good tennis is all that is important.

What's the Best About Our Club?

The location

The players

The relaxed atmosphere

The tennis

The friends